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Payment Options for Renting a Van or Truck.

Date: 04.10.2010


Payment options for renting a truck or Van with us.

If you are a private van hire customer, payment must be made via a major credit card or a Debit card. We accept Visa or Mastercard, currently we cannot accept American Express cards.  Also, under no circumstances will we process a 3V prepaid credit card. The 3V cards are not credit cards, they have no criteria attached to them, a child can possess one and they represent no form of security for us.
How is my Credit card processed upon vehicle collection?
When we provide a customer with a rental truck or van they are taking possession of a vehicle that can be worth up to €50,000 euro. The customer has two choices in relation to insuring the vehicle:
1.       They can use their own and run with their own excess (Typically 200-400 euro).
2.       They can elect to use our insurance which carries an excess of 1600 euro including vat.
The hire of the vehicle is not charged in advance provided the hire amount is below €200 euro. Our trucks and vans are provided with a full tank of fuel also. We use a customer’s credit card to secure an electronic pre-auth on their card account, this amount is:
1.       €500 euro if the customer is using their own insurance.
2.        €1000 if they are buying our insurance .
 This means that the customer needs to have a credit card in their name with sufficient funds to cover this electronic check. At collection, the cardholder needs to be present and pin the card.
Can I use a Laser Card to hire a van?
Yes, you can use a Laser card but the process is a little different. When you rent a van and your card is processed, we cannot do a pre-auth on a Laser card. Instead, we need to process the deposit as a sale, which we will refund upon return of the vehicle. The reason for this is that Laser/Debit cards are not fully electronic in operation and still are reliant on processing within your bank.
 All deposits on Debit Cards and Laser cards need to be processed as a sale, the amounts are the same as for Credit cards above.
Can I use a friends or family members Credit Card to rent a van?
Yes, however the cardholder needs to be present at pick-up and pin their card. We cannot under any circumstances provide a hire van without a card being present.
I would like to pay by Cash, is this possible?rent a van payment options
You can pay for your hire with cash, however the pre-auth on a credit card still needs to be done.
If you need further information on payment options for renting a van, please call us on 01-4592069


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