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Contract Maintainence

contract truck maintenace ireland

A central component of running a fleet of commercial vehicles is maintenance. Commercial vehicles typically require more attention and specialised equipment than other forms of transport.

In the event of mechanical breakdown, the costs can soon become apparent and the solution can be difficult to arrange at short notice. This can lead to missed deliveries, vehicles off the road and most importantly damage to your cash flow.

We understand these problems and how they can affect our customers. Hence we offer complete contract maintenance facilities. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business, while we concentrate on keeping your vehicles on the road.

We offer a number of different packages.

 1) A Full Service Contract Agreement: gives complete peace of mind, all eventualities are covered.

  • Preventive Maintenance: Your vehicles are examined and a schedule drawn up to reflaect their operation. Vehicles are routinely given a full health check covering areas such as tyres, electrical systems, chassis, drivetrain and braking system. This approach mininises the risk of mechanical failure and increases component life
  • Computerised Scheduling: Service intervals are drawn up specific to your vehicle usage and industry. This results in servicing being done exactly when needed at a time convient to you.

  • Routine Services: The backbone of any service aggreement. All the basics covered. From filter and oil changes to headlamp alignment and friction parts renewal. When your vehicle is under our care, we have all standard service items in stock and ready to fit in regard to your schedule. This enables us to ensure a quick turnaround of any type/make of vehicle.
  • Repair Services: Unexpected component failure can be a serious cost to operators. With contract repair services, these instances are no longer a worry for management. The associated costs are no longer your concern, as we take on this responsibilty. This makes forcasting transportation costs far more predictable and worry free.
  • Compliance and Road worthiness: Your fleet is continuously monitored to ensure they adhere to transport law. Tachographs are calibrated and serviced as per schedule, speed-limiters are calibrated and tested for functionality, tyres and braking systems are checked regularity. This area can be a worry to many operators, we provide the solution. Annual testing and certification is also provided in-house, resulting in reduced downtime for vehicles.

  • Complete Breakdown assist: 24/7 coverage for your vehicles. If your vehicle requires attention, we are there. We can solve many problems at the side of the road, if a recovery truck is needed, one of our own heavy units is already on its way to assist you.




Benefits of contract maintenance. 

  • Reduced Downtime and Increased operation efficiency
  • Reduced administration costs.
  • Management time released.
  • No need for an in-house workshop
  • Full service history and repair logs
  • Pedictable operating costs.
  • Increased residual vehicle values.



2) A Partial Service Contract Aggreement: A lower cost alternative including any of the modules above. Simply select the portions of cover you require and we can generate a specific quote to cover your needs.