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Frequently asked questions about van hire

 This section deals with commonly asked questions customers have in relation to hiring vans and trucks from us in Dublin. We hope you find the information you require to make an informed decision in your van rental choice. The rent a van faq's are broken down by topic, if you require further information please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Quick steps to making an online booking.

The online booking process


  1. First choose your intended dates of travel
  2. Next review the prices for each available vehicle type, these are exclusive of VAT
  3. Next choose the type of insurance required, or select own insurance.
  4. You are now required to enter your personal details, followed by your credit card number and expiry date. All information you enter is 128bit encrypted and handled in the strictest confidence. Your credit card will not be processed until you arrive to collect vehicle.
  5. You will receive an email acknowledgement followed within 24 hours by an approved booking notice. This will contain all relevant information if you have to do an insurance transfer.

Remember: Any best laid plans can change and sometimes even a house move can get delayed or brought forward. If you make a booking with us, you can amend it by e-mailing or by ringing us.

van rental booking

Insurance for your Rental Van / Truck

Can I purchase insurance cover for renting a van or truck?
Yes you can. There are a number of conditions to be met though. You must be 27 years or older, and you must have possessed a full clean license for a minimum of 2 years. Buying insurance makes sense for short term hire. However if you plan to use a rental van for an extended period of time we would have to recommend getting a policy. The reason for this is that short term cover is not cost effective in the long term. We cannot provide cover to couriers or people using a vehicle for logistics purposes. If you elect to use our insurance you must present a credit card which can be pre-authorised for €1000 euro.

Can I transfer over my own private car insurance to a van or truck?
Usually yes, you can. You should ask your insurance broker/company if they will allow you to do a:

  1. temporary substitution: if you wish to use the hire vehicle while not using your car
  2. temporary addition: if you wish to use the hire vehicle and your car at the same time

Transferring your car insurance will usually allow you to use vehicles that can be driven on a car license although this does not hold for all insurance companies. Typically low cost insurance policies will be more restrictive and costly for transfers. Some premium policies will enable you to arrange for a transfer free of cost. One such company is FBD, they are hands down the best company for transferring insurance onto a commercial vehicle.

Sometimes transfers will only be allowed if you are moving registered address, this is most common with low cost policies.

We will only accept own insurance cover from people with comprehensive Irish motor cover, if you have third party cover you must buy insurance. UK or NI insurance policies cannot be transferred onto our vehicles; if you are in possession of such a policy you must purchase insurance.

How much does it cost to buy insurance from you?
We are very competitive on insurance prices. The cost varies across the type of vehicle being insured and the person who is hiring the van or truck. Typically it is not more than what it costs to do an insurance transfer. Feel free to contact us to discuss the specifics of insurance cost. Alternatively you can use the online booking system to show the exact rate of cover  for a vehicle type.   Yes, the person again must be over 25 years old and possess a full clean licence for a minimum of 2 years. There is a small charge for this additional cover. We do not provide insurance for vehicles that are to be used outside of Ireland.


What are details of the cover you provide?
We provide comprehensive cover, it should be noted that there is an excess of €1600 on commercial vehicles, this means that if you damage the vehicle you are liable for the first €1600 of repair costs.

Online van booking detailed guide.

Van Booking System

van rental bookings are secure

The van booking system there to help customers select the exact vehicle which they wish to hire with the minimum of fuss. By using the booking system the customer gets a copy instantly of the  reservation details and can amend them if necessary by ringing or emailing us.

When the customer make a booking for a hire van, they should receive an acknowledgement to the email address they have supplied. Soon after they will receive a second email confirming that the reservation has be allocated to a vehicle. If the customer has selected to use their own insurance, this second mail will contain all the relevant details of the vehicle for the insurance company such as registration, engine sized and value. The customer supplies these details to the insurance company who will then arrange cover.

The booking engine does not allow for same day booking, the reason for this is simple, we need to prepare your vehicle for you and have it ready for collection. If you need a hire vehicle at short notice, forgo the booking system and give us a call on 01-4592069, chances are we will have the unit you desire in stock.

Online Van Quotation

The second element of the online booking system is the van rental quotation element. This enables the customer to get an email copy of a quotation for a rent a van sent to them. This quotation carries a quotation number on it, the customer can call us with the quotation number to discuss any queries they may have about renting a van. The quotation also carries a book icon in the email. This allows the customer to change the quotation into a booking. Changing a van hire quotation into a booking can be done up to 7 days after the quotation was issued.

Important notes on credit card usage

While this is stated numerous times elsewhere on the website, we do not bill the customer in advance and do not process the credit card details when they are entered. We require your credit card details for 2 reasons,

  • All speeding fines, parking fines and toll charges are applied on this card
  • It speeds up the handout process as we do not need to input card details when you arrive.

That said, you need to have your card and pin with you when you arrive. This provides security not only for the merchant but also for the customer. We handle card details in the strictest of confidence and our booking engine is fully SSL secured. In the event of any fines arriving for a customer, we always contact the customer to verify the driver details and explain who the fines issuer was, these are usually local council parking fines.

When you make a booking for a rental vehicle, it also carries a booking number. Please use this booking number if you wish to change any element of your hire. We are happy to alter any aspect of your hire and will send you an email confirming that any changes that you requested have been made.

Final note on usage of laser van hire

While laser cards are very useful they can cause problems with point of sale machines in Ireland, Certain card issuers are still only processing refunds and pre-authorizations while the bank is open. As a result a customer may find that after a pre-auth is released on their card, this does not show for a couple of days (usually over the weekend). This is most common on foreign debit cards and certain cards issued by Irish banks. This is why we would recommend you use a credit card when renting a van from us. We always issue the customer with a receipt from the card processing machine, these carry our merchant ID and the transaction number, so if you have an issue with a laser card just quote these to your bank.

Why are your fuel and mileage policies?

Do the vehicles come with fuel?
We will supply your vehicle full of fuel. All our vans, trucks and 4x4's use diesel. These vehicles cannot be run on bio-diesel. Vehicles should be returned full of fuel.

Do you charge a penalty for vehicles returned low on fuel?
Yes, there is a refueling charge of €1.70 per litre plus vat. We are very rigid on this so please try to return the vehicle with a full tank.

What are your mileage allowances?
You are given an allowance of 200 kilometres per day. Should you exceed this amount there an excess charge per kilometre. This amount varies by vehicle type. When you make a quotation online, the excess mileage rate is shown (and is also mentioned here).

What are your excess mileage charges?
Excess mileage occurs when you go over your limit per day. Excess miles on vans are charged at 10 cents per kilometre, light trucks at 12 cents per kilometre and medium trucks at 15 cents per kilometre. The prices are subject to Vat at 21%.

Why do you charge excess mileage?
We provide end users with modern pristine vehicles at affordable rates. The daily mileage allowance is sufficient for most customers and results in them getting a commercial vehicle rental at an affordable price. If vehicles had unlimited mileage, it may cause irrational decisions in relation to journey times. I.E. a rush to get to and from a destination to reduce the hire period. As a rental company,we maintain these vehicles in relation to the distances they have travelled. More travel means more tyre usage, component wear, and lower residual sales value. So if your require to travel 1500 kilometres in 24 hours, we are probably not the company for you.

What are your opening hours?

We are always closed for Truck hire on Bank Holidays.

What type of hire vehicles can I drive on my car licence?

Your standard category "B" licence entitles you to drive most of our vans and trucks. If you look at your licence you will see that the "B" category allows you drive a vehicle with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of up to 3,500 kilograms. This means you can drive a vehicle with total weight of 3,500 kilograms, so the vehicle and its payload must not exceed 3,500 kilograms.

When you browse vehicles on our site every listing will show the licence requirement.

Taking a Hire van or Rental Truck Abroad.

I am intending to travel abroad, do you provide vans for this purpose?

Yes we do, it is a little more complicated than domestic hire, but nothing to get too worried about. You must have a valid Irish address and Irish car license. Finally when going abroad you must pre-pay for your hire and also complete a pre-auth on your credit card for the sum of €1000. There is also a 3 day minimum hire period for going outside Ireland.

We have an indepth guide located here for users intending to go abroad in a rental vehicle

Does it cost extra for us to to hire a van to go abroad?

Yes the domestic and European rates differ for van hire, please contact us for details. Firstly for taking a van over to the UK is going to set you back around €300 minimum on a ferry, sometimes more for mainland Europe. Fuel is also going to be a big cost especially considering the distance involved. Insurance will be more for European motor cover. Also you will incur excess mileage charged if you have a substantial distance to travel (See - mileage allowances in the Fuel and Mileage FAQ).

Finally, we make the stipulation that for people leaving Ireland in one of our vehicles must purchase AA Five Star Cover. This is an excellent service giving travelers roadside assistance and numerous other benefits, also in the event of an accident the vehicle will be shipped back to the Republic of Ireland The cover cost €54 Euro if you buy it online. It can be purchased at

If you are a little unsure about some aspect of your planned journey give us a ring and we'll be happy to advise you as best we can.

What type of vehicles can i bring out of Ireland?

You can take any class "B" car licence vehicle out of the country. Larger rigids cannot be brought outside of Ireland while on spot ( short term) hire.

Can you arrange pick-up from a foreign location?

Sorry but the logistics involved are far too complex.

I don't have a credit or laser card, can I still rent a van?

Unfortunately not. We require all private customers to arrive with either a credit card or laser card. Usually you do not pay for the hire vehicle until return, so you can get a friend to pin their card in our premises and pay the hire amount yourself. All private customers must have a credit card and the card holder present at pickup. This is for our protection and also yours.

Rental vehicles for house movers : A quick Guide

I am moving house, what vehicle is right for me?

We provide a number of different rental vehicles for house moving purposes. These vary in size and cost. One factor which can often be neglected in the search for economy is the time and labour of the house mover. You should take into account the distance of the move and the volume of your belongings. With fuel prices the way they are at the moment you can easily spend more by selecting a vehicle that is too small and having to make extra trips.

  • Small hire van

 The T200 connect is a small van designed for transport of light goods and tools but is not suitable for moving house.

  • Large hire Van

This is the long wheelbase medium high Ford Transit van. It has double rear doors and a single sliding side door. It has a load volume area of 9.65 cubic meters. This vehicle is suited to those jobs where you are not carrying high fridges or very bulky furniture, it handles assorted household items with ease.

  • Full high large hire van

Again a long wheelbase transit. It has the full high roof option which increases the load volume to 11.25 cubic metres. Aside from the extra volume the added height enables the customer to stand to their full height and lift bulky items with extra ease. Also there is an additional back step for ease of entry. This vehicle also has a greater payload capacity and can carry an addition 500 kilograms.

  • 14ft hire truck

Simply the largest vehicle that you can drive on a car license. You have a full 14 foot alloy box body with a load volume of 19.8 cubic metres. The interior height is over 2 meters as is the width. A 1.3 metre side door is also provided. If you have a large amount of items to move and wish to do it in the fewest amount of runs, this is the vehicle for you.

  • 14ft hire truck with tail-lift

Again the largest type of truck that can be driven on a car licence. This differs from the above vehicle by the addition of an electro-hydraulic lift at the rear. This is a full 1.5 meter aluminium lift capable of lifting 750 kilograms. This unit makes light work of pianos and American fridges. This unit also has dual controls for the lift, internal and external.

Why should I hire from ?

Why us?

There are many hire companies to choose from, so what makes us different and why should you choose to deal with us?


  • We want your business, simply put we want to rent you a van or truck. 
  • We do not rent cars, sell hotel rooms or push additional insurance options. We put customers into commercial vehicles that suit their needs at affordable prices.
  • Since we deal only in commercial vehicles, you can rest assured that any staff member who serves you has experience in dealing  with customers like you.
  • Our organisation is 46 years old and deals fairly and honestly with staff, customers and suppliers.
  • All our vehicles and parts are sourced in the Republic of Ireland from local dealers. Our company is 100% Irish owned and operated.
  • We operate our own 24 hour breakdown and assist service. So you have one point of contact 24/7 in the event of an emergency.
  • We offer free secure parking for customers.

    hiring a van in dublin


Do you provide parking?

Yes you can. We have ample customer parking, from a small car to a tractor and trailer, there is plenty of space. Our premises is monitored 24/7 by motion sensors and security cameras.

Do you Supply Tow bars on your vans?

We cannot supply tow bars on vehicles for short term hire. If you are a contract hire customer, there is no problem in providing a vehicle with a tow bar. The reason for this is quite simple. New driving licence legislation has changed in realtion to towing trailers with commercial vehicles. Simply put a standard car licence will not cover you for many trailer types in conjuction with a commercial jeep or van.

Many of our business customers use our vehicle with tow bars, however they are running on thier own insurance and will have drivers with the appropriate licence.

Can you supply vehicles without signage?

Yes we can. We understand that business users prefer vehicles with no advertsing, so we alway keep plain vehicles in stock. For private customers, we will provide plain vehicles if you are travelling outside of Ireland.

Can I put my own advertsing on your vehicles?

Of course you can, we can even recommend the best value signage experts who supply an onsite service. If you wish to put your own signage on a vehicle it must be on a 1 month or longer hire. We do however need the vehicle returned clear of signage and glue residue. We can recommend signage companies that do very good quality temporary signs for vans.

Can I pick-up or drop-off a vehicle outside your opening hours?

All pick-ups and Drop-offs must be made during our opening times. We open 6 days a week. On mondays we open from 8am to facilitate weekend movers.

I am unsure about my ability to drive a large vehicle safely

Most people are not used to driving commercial vehicles and can be a bit wary about getting into a truck or van. Its all down to driver ability. If you have been driving for a number of years any of the vans should pose no problem for you. The light trucks are a bit more involved so should only be driven by people who are comfortable with the elevated seating and increased dimension of the vehicle.

That said, if you have a vehicle booked with us, we will give you an orientation on our own premises. You can also practice drive on our premises ( we have ample space) prior to your departure.

We also have a list of hire truck driving tips to get you started.

Damage to hire vans and trucks : What you need to Know

We all have heard the story. “I was on holiday and dropped the hire car back to the airport and when I got home there was a charge on my credit card for damage”. Sounds familiar. Simply put, this type of charge will not happen when you hire from us.


When you hire a vehicle from us, a hire representative will walk you around the vehicle. He will show you the features of the vehicle, make a note of the fuel and the current mileage. He will also mark in any damage to the vehicle and make you aware of what he is marking. You will then get a copy of this docket.


When you return your rental vehicle it is put in the cleaning line. Once the vehicle has been washed it will be inspected for damage. Once the cleaning team give the all clear, your deposit is realeased by us. Typically your deposit will be processed within 2 hours of vehicle return. If there is an issue with a returned vehicle you will be notifed by telephone within a couple of hours of vehicle return.

The hire company says I damaged the vehicle and I am sure that I didn't do it.
This is also a common enough occurrence in the industry. 

We have 3 methods of dealing with this type of incident.

  • Firstly, there is the handout docket which lists any damage.
  • Secondly is the handout and return docket from the previous hire, it is highly unlikely an agent would miss damage twice.
  • Finally there is our vehicle monitoring system. When you drive a vehicle out of our premises there are 6 camera's covering the vehicle from every angle. This video is timestamped with your departure, so we can quickly pull up the footage of your departure. This final method quickly resolves any disputes.


All hire companies charge outrageous repair prices.
Some do, we do not
. When a vehicle is damaged we get 3 estimates for repair and always go with the cheapest option. Vehicle repair is not a cheap industry. Think back to any time you needed to get some paintwork done on your car. Paint alone can cost well over €40 Euro per litre and labour rates in spray shops typically are in the region of €65 Euro per hour.

If a customer is unhappy with the price of a repair estimate, he is welcome to organise the repair. We do stipulate that the repair needs to be done with an insurance approved repair shop and that the vehicle remains on hire until it is returned in satisfactory condition. We have not yet had any customer resort to this option. The reason is simple, because we can bulk buy repair time, a customer would have a difficult time in getting a repair done as economically as we can.