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August 2013 Booking Engine Update

Date: 06.08.2013

We are a family run business in Dublin and while that does have its perks; it also means we don't have a huge IT section and tend to do most things ourselves. 

The most pressing issues over the last six months have concerned the flow and usability of the online booking process.

The main issues we needed to address were two-fold:

  1. The integration of the booking engine into our opening hours and also leaving sufficent lead time to prepare vehicles for short notice booking.It was not uncommon for someone to book a vehicle from a mobile phone while in transit to our premises and kick up a storm that the vehicle they  booked all of 6 minutes ago was not waiting on the forecourt for them. Thankfully this did not happen too much and the majority of people are realistic and rational about such things.
  2. Another bugbear was the out of hours selection times, this meant that a customer could choose times outside of our opening times and when trying to progress would be greeted with an invalid time selection result. This is now also cured and we have also integrated a calender into the system which makes selction of day far easier as there is a visual of the pickup day and closed days are not selectable.

Same day bookings are no longer accepted by the system and customers will need to call to make a reservation at short notice. This is actually more practical as it means for same day bookings we can get the insurance transfers verified with the cusotmer and advise on stock levels on that particular day.

We are very much aware of the proliferation of mobile devices and the increased propensity of users to make reservations on these devices. We are currently building a responsive website which should format our products and reservation system in a more suitable layout than at present. We expect this to be finished and live by the end of October 2013.

We do hope that these changes make booking your commercial vehicle online that bit easier. As ever we are open to suggestions so don't be shy about telling us about any bugs that you might spot.

John Murphy


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